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    Survivors and the Families, Mrs. Elizabeth Edman came to me with a fantastic idea and offer. She would very much like to help the Survivors and Families put their experiences down on paper. I know personally how excruciatingly difficult the task of writing down what happened is. If anyone is interested and I hope all of you are, simply tell your story into a tape recorder or video. If it would help you can call me and tell me your story and we can record it. Mrs. Edman will transcribe the story and provide it you double spaced copy for your corrections. She will make the corrections and provide you a final version of your story.  I want to be very clear on one point this is your story and your property. If you choose to share it on the KTBSA website it is your choice there is no expectation you will do so. If you have any questions or if I can be of any help please feel free to contact me, 505-823-2677,, or even text 505-301-2675. Sincerely, William Schooley