Communications System Operator

Master Sgt. Michael Heiser joined the 71st Rescue Squadron in December, 1995 as an airborne communications system operator and a C-Flight superintendent. He hadn’t been at the squadron long before he went away to the HC-130 Combat Rescue School at Kirtland AFB, N.M., which is a must for all members of the squadron who participate in rescue operations. He graduated from Kirtland and had only been back in the squadron for a few months before he was sent to Dhahran to put to practice what he spent months learning.

Heiser was new, but he made a good first impression on his flight commander, Capt. Ben Walsh. “When I called him in and told him he was going to be the new flight supervisor, Heiser expressed concern to me that he was too new to do a good job. I told him I knew he could do the job or I wouldn’t have selected him. He was that conscientious.”

Like Adams, Heiser was in the process of settling down in a new house with his fiancée, Nancy, when he was killed.

Remembering Mike

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